Steel Drink Bottle
Stainless steel drink bottle (280 mL) | PLUSH / GOODS | ILEMER

Stainless steel drink bottle (280 mL)

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We have produced a stainless steel bottle!

A simple design that is easy to use even at the office.
Have fun with it by bringing it during your short get-away as well as your daily commute.

The stainless steel used inside makes it difficult for odors to adhere or for the bottle to become dirty. The double-layered system maintains the temperature of the contained beverage.

Look at the written characters as well!
*Be advised that a part of the printed surface on the lid is blurred.

* The illustrations on the lid are partially blurred because of the printing.
* The body may become hot if a hot beverage is poured into it. Be careful handling.

★ We will not be able to repair this item.
★ Before use, clean the body and lid well with neutral detergent.
★ Avoid using a dishwasher.
★ When you carry this item, confirm that the lid is closed completely. Use this item with the body upright to prevent leakage.
★ This item may break if it is dropped or due to shock.
★ We deliver all items in a white box.
(Read the precautions described on the white box before use.)

Size Width: Approx. 5.5 cm
Length: Approx. 18 cm
Weight Approx. 157 g
Material Body: stainless
Cap: polypropylene
Rubber seal: Silicon rubber