2021 Birthday Party !!

What is the festival on ILEMER Island?



 Every year on April 29th, ILE-FES (ILEMER FESTIVAL shortened) is celebrated for the birth of ILEMER Island.🏝️


During the event, all islanders pray while watching Mt. Dione’s eruption : the symbol of ILEMER.🌋

Like every year, E/mary and her friends were contemplating the eruption of Mt. Dione… but suddenly, something happened !



E/mary’s hair was shining in the seven colours of the rainbow !🌈

After that, she started to sing a meaningless song while swinging♪



At that moment, five girls with totally different hair colors 

appeared as if by magic!

Surprisingly, E/mary is a quintuplet !


Mysteriously, April 29th is the only day that quintuplets appeared. 

They vanished right away

and E/mary’s hair returned to its original yellow color.


★★ 2021 Limited Doll 4,500JPY★★


 In 2021, E/mary’s hair color will be ORANGE, which means Happiness!

 E/mary and other islanders sincerely hope that everyone will feel brighter even though rough days might continue.


ILEMER wishes you happiness!!


 ※No shipping charges for purchases over 10,000JPY

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