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Enjoy creating a one-of-a-kind plush by combining one of the seven dolls with one of the many different dress-up outfits, separately available!

Japanese Design Dolls

ILEMER Happy Doll
Japanese Doll Charm Kawaii Plush Cute Cartoon Character D-Mary Design Doll Cute Cartoon Character

HAPPY DOLL ToySurprise Toy

7 types of doll

Quintuplets, a random combination of five dolls selected from A/mary to E/mary, is delivered.

  • A-Mary Japanese Plush

    A/mary Doll

    • #Intelligent
    • #Calm
    A dependable person
    A leader managing the members. She likes animals and can converse with the animals living on the island.
    ILEMER Doll Surprise
  • B/mary Plush

    B/mary Doll

    • #Gentle
    • #Loving
    A slow-tempo person
    Her hobby is growing flowers. The accuracy of her fortune telling with flowers has a good reputation. Sometimes she can see the future.
    ILEMER World
  • C/mary Doll

    C/mary Plush

    • #Passionate
    • #Sensitive
    Slightly mature for her age
    Her hobbies are dressing up and nail art. She is particular about everything. An inventor who creates new things.
    Chibi Character
  • D/mary Plush

    D/mary Doll

    • #Honest
    • #Industrious
    Shy and serious
    She is good at confectionary making and sewing, and likes reading very much. She can read in people’s mind.
    happy surprise doll
  • E/mary plush

    E/mary doll

    • #Peaceful
    • #Hopeful
    Innocent and active
    She does not care what others think, she always goes her own way. Her free spirit is loved by everyone.
    Chibi girl

Rare items Very lucky as long as you have these items.

Quintuplets appear with E/mary’s miracle power.
Few people have seen them. Good things may happen if all of them get together!

ILEMER Dress up dolls

ILEMER DressesDress-up dress

12 types in total

12 types of dresses for dress-up. Which one will be delivered? Have fun finding out.

ILEMER Doll Dress
E/mary Plush

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5 items per person maximum can be purchased. ILEMER’s Surprise HAPPY DOLL enjoyed by adults and children. Quintuplets appear with E/mary’s miraculous power. Few people have seen them. Good things can happen if all of them get together!

7 types available: In addition to the quintuplets with a different hair color and shoe color, two secret types are added. Which one is in the surprise can? Have fun finding out when opening the can. In addition, each doll has a happy charm. The details are different for each one! Do not miss out.
*This item has a chain, which you can enjoy as a charm.
*All dolls wear a common white dress with a logo.
*A dress-up outfit is also available (500 yen).

Size and material:
Package size: 15 cm x 20 cm x 12 cm
Doll body size: Approx. 17 cm
Chain length: Approx. 9 cm
Weight: 39 g
Material (body): Cotton, polyester, acrylic

*You cannot select the type.
*Returns and exchanges are not accepted.
*Be careful about accidental ingestion by children.

ILEMER Plush dress
B/mary dress
C/mary dress
D/mary dress one piece
E/mary dress
E/mary one piece dress

Dress-up One Piece (Surprise Toy)

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5 items per person maximum can be purchased. Twelve types of dresses
Outfits specifically for E/mary, who love to dress up.
Polka dot-patterned, with a pocket, stripe-patterned, velour - which one will be delivered? It will be a surprise. There are 84 different combinations of dolls and dresses!
Let’s go out with dressed up E/mary's.

*The dresses are appropriate for the size of the HAPPY DOLL.

*This item is not sold with HAPPY DOLL.
*Do not use this item for any purpose other than dressing the HAPPY DOLL.
*You cannot select the type.
*Returns and exchanges are not accepted.
*This item has small parts. There is a risk of accidental ingestion or suffocation.
*Keep out of reach of children under the age of three years old.