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 It is an exciting new release !!

Here is a new dress-up item for HAPPY DOLL !!!






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*The specific color cannot be selected.

*There is a possibility that the same kind will be delivered to you if you purchase the plural items.



 Even the boxes of ILEMER items are so cute♡

 Highly recommended item by the ILEMER staff☆彡


Regarding this new item,

there are three remarkable points !!

We will recommend these three points ♬


POINT ① All 12 colors  

7 kinds of colored type +5 kinds of mirrored type =12 kinds in total♡

There is the great variety of the colors !!

 This is a surprise toy, which you will not know what is inside until you open it ♪



 HAPPY DOLL can be looked like a stylish girl with the colored sunglasses or like a slightly naughty girl with mirrored sunglasses★

The impression of HAPPY DOLL changes depending on the color of the sunglasses, so you will want to collect all of them if you are an ILELAR (= ILEMER's fan)♥


POINT② The perfect detailed design 


Look at the photo, everyone !

 This is made so small that it can be fold the temples like real sunglasses!!



Furthermore, there is an "ILEMER" logo on the temples tips !!

It is a new item full of attention to details !☆


POINT③ The rich set of accessories


Actually, this is a gorgeous three-piece set ! 

Here are the two pieces that we have not shown yet.



The sunglasses case has three colors ( silver, pink, and gold ) in total☆

All colors are beautiful, and every color is glossy and the "ILEMER" logo stands out !

Look forward to the color after it comes out, too !!

We also want to have all colors of  the sunglasses case♪


When you do not store sunglasses,

you can also put sneakers or bags for HAPPY DOLL,

and some accessories in the case as an accessory case♡ 



Moreover, it also comes with an eyeglass cleaning cloth designed cute E/mary wearing sunglasses (only one pattern) !

If you usually wear glasses or sunglasses,

it can be used as an eyeglass cleaning cloth for you★


Let's enjoy various impressions of HAPPY DOLL with a new item, "SUNGLASSES FOR HAPPY DOLL" !!

E/mary's slightly bad impression is so cute...♡

See you on the next blog♪♪


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