Shoulder Bag for HAPPY DOLL "QUNQUN"

Hello, everyone!!

Today, we are pleased to announce new items from the ILEMER STORE♪


QUNQUN (12,500JPY) 

 *The product page is here ≪CLICK

(The color is black, greige, vanilla from the left.)


 Shoulder Bag with a pocket for HAPPY DOLL, QUNQUN !!

*There are three colors in total.

*HAPPY DOLL is sold separately.


(The color is greige.)

HAPPY DOLL peeping out of the pocket is so cute ♡

There is also a part to attach a chain to prevent the charm of HAPPY DOLL from falling out.


(The color is black.)

Very light weight approximately 302g!

It is made of eco-friendly vegan leather.


(The color is vanilla.)

The convenient inside pocket is also included,

and it is easy to open and close with a twisted metal fittings!


(The color is greige.)

You can enjoy QUNQUN in three ways♪


Shoulder Bag for HAPPY DOLL,QUNQUN♡

Please check the product page!

*The product page is here ≪CLICK


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