【New Item】Surprise! KP Bag for HAPPY DOLL

Surprise! KP Bag for HAPPY DOLL is now available at ILEMER STORE !!
A new item of KP, very popular character of ILEMER, is ready!!
 It is a lovely bag for HAPPY DOLL designed with KP, E/mary's pet penguin☆
There are 10 colors in total.
Randomly selected colors of bags out of 10 colors will  be delivered♪
The package is a very cute box♡
You will not know what is inside until you open it ♪
KP says, "Do not hesitate to buy a lot."☆☆
The length of shoulder strap can be adjusted☆
It is a special item with a lot of detail!
*bag cannot be opened and closed.
If you put Surprise! KP Bag on HAPPY DOLL, it is just like this !!
All colors are perfect for all HAPPY DOLLS ♪♪ 
You can also wear it on your HAPPY DOLL like a backpack depending the idea !! 
Be sure to get Surprise! KP Bag for HAPPY DOLL☆
Click here for the product page CLICK here

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