~Wallet/pochette for multi-purpose use "PIKAPIKA" ~


Hello, everyone! This is ILEMER STORE☆

Today, we are going to introduce PIKAPIKA, 

one of the very popular items of ILEMER♪ 


PIKAPIKA (7,800JPY)Click here for purchase


Were you wondering what PIKAPIKA was ?


A wallet/pochette for small items such as smartphones and keys!!

(PIKAPIKA/ Islanders)

It is a wallet/pochette with a double structure of a clear case and an inner pouch, and this design is very stylish!


The inner pouch has a partition like the picture,

so you can store some bills, coins, and cards separately. 


(PIKAPIKA/ E/mary-Costume-vintage)


【PIKAPIKA's Feature】

★You can carry only valuables with you

★High storage capacity for smartphones and waterproofness for outdoor activities

★You can adjust the length of the strap


Then, we will introduce the capacity and usage of PIKAPIKA

It is not just a wallet/pochette, it is actually multi-purpose!


No.1  As a mini wallet

You can store some bills, coins, and cards separately!


No.2  As a cosmetic pouch

It is also convenient to put in a little cosmetics like lip balm!


No.3  As a card-only case

If you store only cards, you can put in dozens of cards!

It is easy to find cards that you often use if you store them vertically☆


No.4  As a smartphone storage case

It is also recommended that you put your smartphone in the clear case if the size fits!

*Please be aware that if the type of smartphone or the case of the smartphone is thick, it may not fit in.


No.5  Other multi-case

You can store small items such as eye drops,
hand mirrors, earphones, and even keys
that are hard to find in the bag, and use them for multi-purpose use!


(PIKAPIKA/ Manhattan)

You can go out lightly with just PIKAPIKA!!

It is perfect for going out right there♪


(PIKAPIKA/  E/mary-Costume-Art-multi )

It is designed to store cash, cards, smartphones,
keys and other essentials when you want to act
without a bag such as an outdoor event, bicycle,
or walking. It is a useful item if you have one!!


How about today's our blog?

A wallet/pochette which is multi-purpose, PIKAPIKA!

Please watch the product page ♪


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Today’s item is here →★PIKAPIKA


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