【Restock】 ILEMER's Cute Printed Handkerchief

Hello, everyone♪

We are very excited to announce that ILEMER's Cute Printed Handkerchief has been back in stock at the ILEMER STORE!!

\ ILEMER's Cute Printed Handkerchief /

Cute Printed Handkerchief  (1,700JPY) ≪CLICK

The patterns are Lunch Time, Flamingo, E/mary-Navy, Island Residents, E/mary-Costume-vintage, Times Square from the left.


There are 6 patterns in total♡

It is made of cotton and satin, so it feels very smooth.



(The pattern is E/mary-Navy.)

The ILEMER's handkerchief is 53cm × 53cm in large size. There are many ways to arrange it♪


◯●◯Around the handle of a bag◯●◯

(The pattern is Times Square.)

Billie-Billie (M) (12,000JPY) ≪CLICK

Just by winding the ILEMER's handkerchief around the handle of a bag, the handle will not get dirty! 


◯●◯PET bottle wrapping◯●◯

(The pattern is Island Residents.)


When using a small bag such as a pochette, simply take out the ILEMER's handkerchief and roll it up to make it into a stylish plastic bottle cover☆


◯●◯Around the neck◯●◯

(The pattern is Flamingo.)

Wrap it around your neck for a point of coordination♡

In addition, ultraviolet protection and air conditioning protection are also good!



(The pattern is E/mary-Navy.)

 Stuffed Doll Black Dressed Plush "E/Mary" (5,700JPY)  ≪CLICK

E/mary also wears the ILEMER's handkerchief and enjoys fashion♪

A staff member also wears the ILEMER's handkerchief with E/mary♡


The ILEMER's handkerchief is a large size, so you can use it like a scarf, tie it around your hair, wrap it around your neck and bag, and so on♪

 Let's enjoy arranging Cute Printed Handkerchief of ILEMER!!


Cute Printed Towel ILEMER (3,500JPY) ≪CLICK

(The patterns are E/mary-kokeshi doll, ILEMER stamps, Easter from the left.)

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