Eco-friendly Tote Bag "BILLIE-BILLIE"

Hello, everyone. 

Here's what we are going to introduce this time ☆


It is called Eco-friendly Tote Bag, "Billie-Billie"!! 

Left : Billie-Billie-M (12,000JPY) >>CLICK

Right : Billie-Billie-L (14,000JPY) >>CLICK


 Billie-Billie-M (12,000JPY)


Billie-Billie is the stylish tote which has a mode atmosphere. 

It is made of a special material made by impregnating pulp, which is the raw material of paper, with resin.


High fashion brands are also paying attention to this eco-friendly material, it is water resistant and has excellent strength, so it is perfect for daily use♪



The design of E/mary and KP hugging each other is so cute★



The cool design with only logo on the back☆


Billie-Billie has also excellent storage capacity!

There are three inside pockets and two outside pockets♪


With a zipper on the outside pocket, you can store important items such as season tickets and smartphones.


The inside of the bag has a partition in the middle like this.


This is a large pocket with cushioning properties, so you can put in a tablet or PC☆


This middle pocket can be also removed, so you can take it off and hold it on the day whenever you want♪


There are two sizes, M and L.  Billie-Billie-M fits perfectly into A4 size!


In fact, if we put the luggage in Billie-Billie-M ⇓⇓

*the middle partition has been removed.

We can put a lunch box, pouches, a folding umbrella..,

it has more storage capacity than expected!



If you attach a partition, a tablet will fit in the middle pocket, too♪


Next, Billie-Billie-L is one size larger than Billie-Billie-M☆ 

In fact, if we put the luggage in Billie-Billie-L ⇓⇓

 *the middle partition has been removed.

Even if we put thick files and schedule books, It has more storage capacity!


If you attach a partition, a laptop will fit in the middle pocket, too♪

*It can be stored up to 13 inches.


And also, Billie-Billie is easy to match any outfits!!


With colored outfits♪ 


With patterned outfits☆


The color of silver gray is a versatile color that makes you look stylish regardless of color or pattern!


Billie-Billie is a simple design, so even if you add HAPPY DOLL, it is so cute♥

*The product page of HAPPY DOLL is here >>CLICK


How was it?

Eco-friendly Tote Bag, "Billie-Billie."

The design is not too sweet, so it is easy to carry as a work bag,

and it is also recommended for those who don't usually have character's goods ♪


If you are interested, please check it out at the online shop.

 *The product page is here >>CLICK


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