【Xmas Limited Edition】 HAPPY DOLL & DELUXE Dress-up Set !!

We are delighted to introduce you

special HAPPY DOLL

only available on Xmas season!!

Can you see the difference from ordinary HAPPY DOLLS? 
Yes, they have cute white hair. 

IANNE, older sister of E/mary, appears as special HAPPY DOLL this year!!

NEW【Xmas Limited Edition】 HAPPY DOLL・IANNE  is started to sale !!

 Who is IANNE?

E/mary's older sister, a 10-year old girl who loves fashion. She is currently studying in Paris, France to study design.

IANNE gets on really well with E/mary! She is a stylish and kind sister♡


A  tomboy girl with four years old.
She likes her sister very much!!
Also, they wear a pair of pretty red flat shoes♥
Aren't they so adorable?
It comes with the cute white box which can be a perfect gift for Xmas
The Xmas Limited HAPPY DOLL is only available for limited numbers and limited season.

 It is a limited edition for Christmas day♪

IANNE & E/mary, very close sisters, it will be happier if you have them together!?

【Xmas Limited Edition】HAPPY DOLL 


【Xmas Limited Edition】HAPPY DOLL・IANNE

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【Xmas Limited Editions】DELUXE Dress-up Sets are also available!!

【Xmas Limited Edition】DELUXE Dress-up Set / knit beanie×duffel

【Xmas Limited Edition】DELUXE Dress-up Set / Cowichan sweater×polka dot dress

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【Xmas Limited Edition】 DELUXE Dress-up Set / girly plaid dress (navy) 

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