~Happy Holiday Gifts 2022【HAPPY DOLL Edition】~


Hello, everyone!



Christmas is just around corner. A year goes by so quickly.

How about giving holiday gifts as a reward to your loved ones and yourself for working hard in 2022?


This time, we will introduce you to the perfect items for holiday gifts!!


Today is the edition of HAPPY DOLL♪

Limited items for Christmas season are also available, so please check them out until the end♡


First, we would like to recommned this limited items to those who know or don't know HAPPY DOLL!!

【Xmas Limited Edition】HAPPY DOLL・IANNE♡


【Xmas Limited Edition】HAPPY DOLL・IANNE (3,400JPY) ▶▶【CLICK】


It is our first appearance in the ILEMER STORE!

IANNE is actually E/mary's 10-year-old sister.

She loves fashion and is currently studying in Paris.


The hair color of【Xmas Limited Edition】HAPPY DOLL・IANNE is white★

Don't miss this limited item!


Next, we would like to give these items with 【Xmas Limited Edition】HAPPY DOLL・IANNE!

【Xmas Limited Edition】DELUXE Dress-up Set 3 types!

The warm-looking dress-up items perfect for winter wear★

【Xmas Limited Edition】 DELUXE Dress-up Set / girly plaid dress (navy) (3,600JPY) ▶▶【CLICK】

【Xmas Limited Edition】DELUXE Dress-up Set / Cowichan sweater×polka dot dress (4,500JPY) ▶▶【CLICK】

【Xmas Limited Edition】DELUXE Dress-up Set / knit beanie×duffel (4,200JPY) ▶▶【CLICK】

*【Xmas Limited Edition】HAPPYDOLL is sold out, thank you.



Surprise! KP Bag for HAPPY DOLL (1,600JPY) ▶▶【CLICK】

Sunglasses for HAPPY DOLL (1,300JPY) ▶▶【CLICK】


It is also good to change these limited items into【Xmas Limited Edition】HAPPY DOLL・IANNE or HAPPY DOLL!!

Enjoy your HAPPY DOLL's winter outfits(^^♪


In addition, this item we want to have along with HAPPY DOLL!

COCO (6,900JPY) ▶▶【CLICK】


You can store one HAPPY DOLL or some dress-up items.


How was our blog today?

Let's find holiday gifts at the ILEMER STORE!


*Please note that delivery by Christmas may be difficult depending on the region.


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