New Year's Recommended items♡ (goods & accessories edition)


Hello, everyone! This is ILEMER STORE.

This year is about to pass a month, what kind of year do you want 2023 to be?


Today's blog, we will introduce you to the recommended items in 2023.

Let's have a happy new year with ILEMER items!!

Then, let's start with this useful pouch♪


Cute Multi-purpose Pouch "DOKIDOKI" (3,800JPY) ▶▶【CLICK】


DOKIDOKI is an all-purpose pouch that holds what you need although it is thin.

This is one of the most popular items among the ILEMER staff♪


Neoprene Cosmetic Pouch "niconico" (3,900JPY) ▶▶【CLICK】



A cute palm-sized cosmetic pouch, niconico♡

There are many kinds of patterns, so we want to collect many!


Large Multi-purpose pouch "FUKAFUKA" (4,800JPY) ▶▶【CLICK】


FUKAFUKA is recommended for those who want a bigger pouch★ 

If you put it in KIRAKIRA's outer bag, there is no doubt that you are a fashionable person! Please try it(^^♪


Next is the stationery series for happy doll lovers♡

right : Pencil case (1,500JPY) ▶▶【CLICK】

left : Diary cover (1,900JPY) ▶▶【CLICK】


The stylish stationery with happy doll patterns.

It will be even cuter if you have both items★


Cute Printed Towel ILEMER (3,500JPY) ▶▶【CLICK】


It is this big if you spread it!

There are three patterns that make us hesitate to choose one!

Which pattern do you like?(^^


How was it?

If you would like to know more about the items we introduced this time, please check out our product pages!

Have a happy new year with ILEMER items♡


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