New Year's Recommended items♪ (Bag edition)

Hello, everyone. This is ILEMER STORE.

Today's blog will continue to introduce the recommended items in 2023.


 We mainly introduced 'miscellaneous goods & accessories' last time, but this time is the bag edition.  

Then let's start with this item!!


PVC Large Tote Bag Waterproof "WAKUWAKU" (15,000JPY) ▶▶【CLICK】


WAKUWAKU is easy to shoulder. In addition, it is a convenient A4 size.

It is safe to go out on rainy days because it is made of PVC material♪ 


We feel like going to various places with WAKUWAKU(^^♪



 Wetsuit Mini Tote Bag "KIRAKIRA" (9,800JPY) ▶▶【CLICK】


KIRAKIRA is an easy-to-use medium-sized bag★

The inner pouch is  removable, we also recommend you to use it alone!



Wetsuit Backpack "PONPON"(18,000JPY)▶▶【CLICK】


It can be opened wide and you can easily take your luggage in and out.

It is easy to find what you want to take out because you can see what is inside at a glance!


PONPON is useful not only for commuting and going to school but also for traveling because of its large capacity.


left : Eco Reusable Tote Bag (L Size) (3,800JPY) ▶▶【CLICK】

center : Eco Reusable Circle Bag (M Size) (2,900JPY) ▶▶【CLICK】

right : Cute Patterned Drawstring Backpack (3,900JPY) ▶▶【CLICK】


If you look closely at the bag, you will find many happy dolls in various cute outfits! 


 Eco Reusable Tote Bag (L Size) and Eco Reusable Circle Bag (M Size)are about the size of a smartphone when folded and become very compact. It is easy to carry arround♪


How was it?

This time, we introduced the recommended ILEMER's bag in 2023!!

Have a happy new year with ILEMER items♡

See you on the next blog★


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