ILEMER Happy Valentine's Gift 2023♥

Hi, everyone! This is the ILEMER STORE♪

It is February. Speaking of February!

It is Valentine's Day.

It is customary for women to give gifts such as chocolate to their loved ones in Japan, but how about in your country? 


We'd like to introduce you to 'ILEMER Happy Valentine's Gifts 2023' this time♡ 

Let's find Valentine's gifts for your loved ones by ILEMER!


First of all, here's the item we want to recommend!



It is HAPPY DOLL that everyone is familiar with♡



HAPPY DOLL is a surprise toy that you will not know what is inside until you open it!

It contains one of 8 types (5types + 3types of secrets).


The cute package comes in three colors, pink, blue, and orange♪

*You cannot choose the color of packages.

You will receive one of the three colors at random.




Surprise! KP Bag for HAPPY DOLL (1,600JPY)▶▶【CLICK】

DELUXE Dress-up set / overalls (3,100JPY) ▶▶【CLICK】

HAPPY DOLL can be changed the outfits and arranged the hair!


dress-up one pieces (500JPY)▶▶【CLICK】

Bag for HAPPY DOLL (500JPY)▶▶【CLICK】

Surprise Sneakers (1,000JPY)▶▶【CLICK】

COCO (6,900JPY)▶▶【CLICK】

There are also many dress-up items for HAPPY DOLL, so why don't you give them to your loved ones along with HAPPY DOLL?


Here's the next one! Stuffed Animal Charm "Bricky".

Stuffed Animal Charm "Bricky" (2,700JPY) ▶▶【CLICK】


Bricky is one of the most popular characters in ILEMER.

Actually, he is a little strange tin toy, which was bought for E/mary for her 4th birthday.


His thick eyebrows and asymmetric eyes are so cute!!

The more you look it, the more cute he is♡


Here'a the next one! Ballpoint pen with E/mary wearing living doll pajama.

Ballpoint pen with E/mary wearing living doll pajama (1,700JPY) ▶▶【CLICK】

 The little E/mary wearing her mother, Natalie's handmade night cap is holding onto a ballpoint pen♪


Every time we use it, we feel relaxed(^^♡

It is an adorable ballpoint pen that makes us want to use it every day!!


The last one is here! PULAPULA♡


It is a crossbody bag using soft and light wetsuits material.

The ILEMER staff usage rate is also high♪


For those who say it is difficult to choose one from variety of patterns, it is also recommended that you use several PULAPULAs according to your mood!


That is for this blog!

Please find special Valentine's gifts for your loved ones by ILEMER♡

Wishing you Happy Valentine's Day!!


*Please note that delivery by Valentine's Day may be difficult depending on the region.

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