【NEW】Surprise HAPPY DOLL・IANNE is on sale!!

Hello, everyone. 

 Today, we are announcing the arrival of a very cute new item that you will want to collect from the ILEMER STORE!



*You cannot select the type.

*The product page is here >>CLICK


First of all!

Who is 'IANNE'?

~The older sister of E/mary~
A 10-year-old girl who loves fashion.
She is currently studying in Paris to study design.
Her talent is recognized by others.


IANNE, whom E/mary longs for, has appeared as the HAPPY DOLL! Thank you all for waiting!!

Let us introduce you to the Surprise HAPPY DOLL・IANNE♡


HAPPY DOLL・IANNE is a surprise toy, so you do not know which hair color IANNE is in until you open it!

The package is a blue one designed IANNE♪


The hair color of HAPPY DOLL・IANNE is five colors in total☆

IANNE loves fashion, so she changes her hair color to suit her mood ♪

In addition, there is also a secret color!

If you are lucky, you might be able to meet it...♡


Surprise Hoodies  (1,200JPY)  >>CLICK

HAPPY DOLL・IANNE, like E/mary's HAPPY DOLL, can be changed the outfits because the black dress HAPPY DOLL・IANNE is wearing is detachable◎


left : deluxe dress-up set (jumpsuits) 3,200JPY >>CLICK

right : deluxe dress-up set (lace dress) 2,700JPY >>CLICK

It is even cuter when you change clothes of HAPPY DOLL・IANNE!!

It will be even cuter if you bring HAPPY DOLL・IANNE with HAPPY DOLL♡


(Items in the image)



☆Dress-up one pieces (500JPY) >>CLICK

☆Bag for HAPPY DOLL (500JPY)  >>CLICK

☆Surprise hoodies (1,200JPY)  >>CLICK

 ☆Surprise sneakers (1,000JPY)  >>CLICK

☆Surprise KP Bag (1,600JPY)  >>CLICK

☆Sunglasses for HAPPY DOLL (1,300JPY)  >>CLICK


We will continue to introduce cute coordinates of HAPPY DOLL・IANNE on our blogs and SNSs (Instagram of Facebook), so please check them out!

Thank you for reading until the end☆


[Surprise HAPPY DOLL・IANNE Precautions]

*You cannot select the type.

*There is a possibility that the same kind will be delivered to you if you purchase the plural items.

*There can be an individual difference because they are handmade.

*Returns and exchanges are not accepted.

*Be careful about accidental ingestion by children.

 *This item has small parts. There is a risk of accidental ingestion or suffocation.

*Keep out of reach of children under the age of three years old.

*If excessive force is applied to the earrings, it may break.

*Please be careful not to get hurt when removing earrings.

*Please be careful not to apply excessive force as the ears are delicate and may cause damage when removing the earrings.


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