ILEMER's Long-Selling Bag "WAKUWAKU"


Hello, everyone♪


"WAKUWAKU" has been a popular item ever and many people use it since ILEMER was born.




This time, we would like to review the characteristics and attractiveness of WAKUWAKU♪


Then let's go right away



★ The features of WAKUWAKU★ 

《PVC material resistant to water and dirt!》


The PVC (=polyvinyl chloride) material used in WAKUWAKU has excellent water repellency and antifouling properties, making it convenient for rainy days or active trips♬


WAKUWAKU is safe to go outdoors(^^♪



《Rich pockets and large size!》

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There are two mini pockets for mobile phones, handkerchiefs, earphones, and other things you want to quickly take out, and one zipper pocket for convenient storage such as wallets inside.



The A4 size fits perfectly♪



《More than 15 different patterns!》


 A wide variety of patterns!


 You can find a perfect pattern that suits your everyday clothes and mood^ ^



 ★WAKUWAKU's charm ★

《 A sticky handle that makes you want to keep touching it! 》



The handle of the WAKUWAKU uses PU (=polyurethane) leather, which features softness and flexibility.


Also, the disign is apporoximately 3cm wide, so it does not bite easily when you put it on your arm or shoulder. It is a great point♩



《Light weight and easy to use on rainy days!》

"480g" lighter than 500ml plastic bottles★

You can use it everyday without worrying about rain becuase it is a vinyl material.


《It is useful for commuting because it is a large A4 bag! 》

The A4 size fits both vertically and horizontally, so it is very popular as a bag for commuting♪


We are sure you will be in moody mood if you go by with the ILEMER bag everyday♡ 


It goes well with winter clothes such as coats and knitwear, so you can use it regardless of the season.



How was it?

WAKUWAKU is a convenient and cute tote bag filled with many charms. 

It is currently on sale at the ILEMER STORE★

Please check it out♪


*The product page of WAKUWAKU is here→ 




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