IANNE, E/mary's older sister, appears as the HAPPY DOLL!

Hello, this is the ILEMER STORE.

Have you checked out our new item "HAPPY DOLL・IANNE" that was released the other day?

Today, we will show the attractiveness of HAPPY DOLL・IANNE, our hottest item! Don't miss it till the end!!



*You cannot select the type.

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HAPPY DOLL・IANNE's hair color is five colors in total.  Actually, each color has its own meaning♡

Today, we will introduce these five colors of HAPPY DOLL・IANNE in detail♪


IANNE ~Venus~

【Get beauty and love!】

 #beauty #love

The greatest popularity is here!

 If you put more effort into self-polishing, your luck may improve even more?!

 ○Happy chance○

 You may meet someone important?!


This pale beige Venus is IANNE's original hair color☆ 

Now let's take a look at IANNE who changed her hair color to suit her mood♪


IANNE ~Mercury~

【Your talent is blooming?!】

 #Work #Travel

A big chance at work?!

A chance to evaluate your ability!

Get even more lucky when you go on a trip!

○Happy chance○

Maybe I'll get more pocket money?!


The pale purple color is cute...♡

 The hair color looks good with any coordination ♪


IANNE ~Mars~

【If you want to challenge yourself, now!】

 #Challenge #Passion

If you want to try something new, now!

It is something that pushes everyone who tries to challenge themselves.

 ○Happy chance○

 You might get the first prize for something?!


Red with passion! So cute!

There is no doubt that it will win the first prize for cuteness! lol


IANNE ~Jupiter~

 【Anyway, you are doing great!】

 #Lucky #Health

No matter what you do now, you are the best!

The luck of the lottery is the best!

You will not even catch a cold! 

○Happy chance○

A chance to win the lottery??


Every IANNE is so cute that we want to collect them!

Fashionable IANNE looks good in every hair color!



【Enclose everything with kindness!】

 #Peace #Hope

The aura that makes people happy like the bright sunlight is in full bloom!

 ○Happy chance○

Every day is happy and happy♪ 


Happy and happy every day with yellow hair x gold ballet shoes♪

There is no doubt that this combination of colors will make we excited☆


IANNE ~Secret~

【All one types of secrets 】

 #Lucky #Treasure

This is a rare item, so you are super lucky just to have it!

You have a feeling that something new will start.

○Happy chance○

Every day is lucky and lucky!


We wonder what color of HAPPY DOLL・IANNE Secret is♪

We would love to get it right!


HAPPY DOLL・IANNE of all hair colors is so cute♡

Be sure to get HAPPY DOLL・IANNE, our new item that attracts a lot of attention!!


[Surprise HAPPY DOLL・IANNE Precautions]

*You cannot select the type.

*There is a possibility that the same kind will be delivered to you if you purchase the plural items.

*There can be an individual difference because they are handmade.

*Returns and exchanges are not accepted.

*Be careful about accidental ingestion by children.

 *This item has small parts. There is a risk of accidental ingestion or suffocation.

*Keep out of reach of children under the age of three years old.

*If excessive force is applied to the earrings, it may break.

*Please be careful not to get hurt when removing earrings.

*Please be careful not to apply excessive force as the ears are delicate and may cause damage when removing the earrings.

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