◇◆◇ How to Style HAPPYDOLL's Hair ◇◆◇

 Today's our blog is a special section on styling HAPPYDOLL's hair ♪

Please enjoy it until the end☆



・・Plush dolls which can be changed outfits


HAPPYDOLL is cute enough without doing anything.

However, we also recommend styling HAPPYDOLL's hair!!

Therefore, let us introduce how to style HAPPYDOLL's hair to you ♪

Please try it if you have HAPPYDOLLs !

Let’s get started !!


No.1 Pigtails



 ◇◆◇How to tie HAPPYDOLL’s hair in pigtails◇◆◇


leave a little back hair like the photo・・

*from behind, straggling hair style is also cute♡


And just bind her hair in pigtails!

This is the easiest way to style HAPPYDOLL's hair♡



LUNLUN / Balloon (16,000JPY)

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No.2 Half up and half down



 ◇◆◇How to tie HAPPYDOLL’s hair in half up and half down◇◆◇


take the top of her hair・・・bring inside !

*There are individual differences in HAPPYDOLL's hair.

    Please enjoy styling according to your HAPPYDOLL's hair.


And just bind her hair in half up and half down!



It is also recommend to bind from above with a small ribbon or a hairband♡



 WAKUWAKU / ILEMER Island (15,000JPY)

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No.3 Headband with a ribbon



◇◆◇How to attach a ribbon in HAPPYDOLL's hair ◇◆◇


cut the ribbon to the proper length and pass it as the photo,



and pull her side hair out...



and tie a ribbon in a bow♪

 It looks like the ears of a rabbit♡


KIRAKIRA/E/mary-Costume-Art-multi (9,800JPY)

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Did you like it ?

Have a wonderful time with your HAPPYDOLL changing the hairstyles!!

Let us know other hairstyles of HAPPOYDOLL if you find them★


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