A very popular Happy Doll in Japan.

Dive into the ILEMER Universe!

But what is ILEMER? Who are these plush characters?

ILEMER is a dreamy island, a crowded place where many curious and funny creatures live peacefully.
We discover the story of E/Mary, a four-year-old blonde girl who was born with superpowers without being aware of that gift.

happy doll Japanese plush

She made friends with cute chibi characters, such as :

  • KP, a penguin who is able to speak and fly with the help of the red balloon on his head ;
  • Dump, an aristocratic whale ;
  • Thurman, a sea turtle who links the real world with the island ;
  • Rublev, a female dinosaur ;
  • Mickolion, the fluffy and cute plush character who always accompanies E/Mary ;
  • Yuukilis, another adorable stuffed animal of E/Mary ;
  • Iron Head, a colored light fish ;
  • Bricky ; an asymmetrical mysterious doll ;
  • Eilis, a rabbit who looks like a cat (or the opposite?)
  • CrownTulips, which are supposed to bring joy and happiness to those who see them.

This whole world is very colorful, and with so many different characters and personalities. Finding the one you love is not easy!

Adorable Japanese Plushes Characters

As well as every doll, you can customize them easily by testing different stylish outfits and combining them. All these design dolls have their own personalities, and separately purchasable. Pick up the one you like the most, each of them is unique!
ILEMER Japanese character totebag
Adults and children will enjoy dressing up our adorable plushes.

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