Sharing your HAPPY DOLL photos 📸

Take cute photos of your HAPPY DOLLs !♡

Now, HAPPY DOLL's popularity is increasing and more and more fans take plush doll's pics and

post it on social media, Instagram or Twitter with dedicated hashtags ♪

This time, let us introduce you some photos we selected!→

🍒 A/mary and D/mary are drinking green soda 🍒

#HAPPY DOLL  #emary 

 comment : they seem to have fun talking about something with green soda ♪

                   A/mary's heart-shaped sunglasses are so cool !

🌸 E/mary looks so fun with cherry blossom 🌸


 comment : the cherry trees in full blossom are so beautiful☆

                   E/mary are really photogenic !!

 🍓 E/mary and D/mary have a fantastic pancake party 🍓

#HAPPY DOLL #emary #pancake

 comment : the pancakes drawn E/marys look so good!!

                   A/mary and D/mary wearing matching clothing are like twins ♪


 Do you like it?

So many ingenuine cute pic combinations and possibilities!
Try it with your HAPPY DOLLs!

We are looking forward to see your HAPPY DOLL's photos on social media♡

with hashtags as #HAPPY DOLL, #emary, or #ILEMER ♪

ミ☆Making worldwide connections with ILEMER's fans ☆彡


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