【Recommend Item】 Casual Two-way Tote bag "TONTON"


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What we are going to introduce today is Neoprene Tote Bag "TONTON"





TONTON is a casual two-way tote bag in a two-tone color!

It would be great if you could use a bag in two-way when your luggage is heavy.


The material is a popular wet suite material, so you can get wet!

 Moreover, you can use it safely even on rainy days.

There are four colors in total! Choose your favorite color♪


Blue×Orange ≪CLICK


Blue×Navy ≪CLICK


Beige×Orange ≪CLICK


Navy×Beige ≪CLICK



Every color is fashionable♡

It is difficult to decide which color to choose!! 


The design goes well with any style such as beautiful style and casual style! 



It is made of a durable nonwoven fabric called Tyvek,

so it is excellent for moisture permeability and water proofing.



The black leather handle reduces sweetness and mixes cuteness and coolness to create an exquisite balance☆




 The functionality is perfect because there are two pockets inside.



A4 size fits perfectly! The gusset is large, so people who usually have a lot of luggage can use it enough. 



The back is simple and plain.

TONTON can be used reversibly because the expressions are different on both sides♪


Furthermore, it is recommended to put your HAPPY DOLL in your bag♡ 

A fashionable and casual two-way tote bag, TONTON !

Please check the product page as well !!

【The product page is here】≪CLICK



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