☆★Neoprene Cosmetic Pouch "NICONICO"☆★

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Easy-to-carry mini pouch ( with the palm size! ), "niconico"☆★

The material is neoprene, which feels good and makes us want to keep touching it ♪


(The pattern : E/mary-Costume-Art-Multi)


Furthermore, it can be washed with water if it gets dirty!

We are grateful that pouches can be easily washable with water because they will get dirty if we use them every day!

(*please wash by hand only on the outside in order to avoid to get wet the inside.)

 (*avoid using detergent or bleach to prevent discoloration.)



 The pull is made of soft rubber. It is an original with the brand logo!

When I actually put cosmetics in the pouch...,


(The pattern : E/mary-Costume-Rabbit)


As shown in the image, cosmetics can be neatly stored in the pouch!

 It is convenient to carry around because some tall things such as eyeliners and eyebrow pencils can be put sideways!!

It is also nice to know where and what is there at a glance because the spread is good♪



Here are the cosmetics I actually put in the pouch.

The gusset is firmly attached, so it has more storage capacity than it looks!

 Not only is cute, but it is also very practical♪



There is an inner pocket inside as shown in the image.

 It is recommended to put bandages, hair rubber, and hair pins in this inner pocket!



Of course, it can also be used as a charger or peripheral container in addition to cosmetics pouch☆



It has cushioning properties, too.

Therefore, how about using it as a camera case? 



Let us introduce all the patterns♪♪








・E/mary-Costume-Art -Cherry

"Niconico" has so many patterns that we cannot decide which one to choose!

Be sure to find your favorite pattern♪


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We introduced neoprene cosmetic pouch, "niconico"♪

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