☆Change! Crossbody Bag in Seven Ways☆

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Today's our blog is the introduction of PULAPULA, a neoprene crossbody bag♪


What is PULAPULA?(5,800JPY) CLICK here

a neoprene crossbody bag

☆there are 8 patterns in total

☆airy and light as a feather because the weight is about 131g !

☆easily washable with water (*avoid using detergent or bleach)

☆with an adjustable shoulder strap which can easily be attached or removed 


 Actually, you can use PULAPULA in seven ways depending on the idea !!

Today, we are going to introduce you to all seven ways ♪


No.1 Crossbody bag

pattern: E/mary-Costume-vintage ≪CLICK here

With the basic crossbody style, you can adjust the length of shoulder strap according to your height.

Therefore, you can hold PULAPULA at the best length that suits you ♪


No.2 Sacoche

pattern: Manhattan CLICK here

Sacoche style gives a cool impression☆ Let's try it ♪ 


No.3 Clutch bag  

pattern: PlayPlay ≪CLICK here

Just by incorporating clutch style into the coordination, you will be more stylish♡


No.4 Shoulder bag 

pattern: KP-Balloon CLICK here

You can carry a character bag like an adult depending on how you hold it and how you coordinate it ♪ 


No.5 Funny pack

pattern: E/mary-Costume-Art-multi CLICK here

You will not get stiff shoulders even if you go out for a long time.

Moreover, you can go out comfortably without getting in the way because PULAPULA fits your body when you move around !!


No.6 Handbag

pattern: E/mary-Costume-Rabbit ≪CLICK here

PULAPULA itself is about 131g which is very light, so it does not hurt easily even if you put it on your arm☆


No.7 Bag-in-bag

pattern: E/mary-Costume-Art-Cherry ≪CLICK here

Bag: 2way Tote Bag "TIPTIP" (9,500JPY) ≪CLICK here

You can use PULAPULA in a bag without getting bulky because the gusset is only about 2cm!!

Furthermore, it is also recommended for electronic devices such as cellular phones or chargers because it is made of cushioning material☆


pattern: Balloon ≪CLICK here

Now, PULAPULA has 8 patterns in total.

The last pattern is Balloon☆

 Every pattern is so cute, isn't it?♡


Feel free to change your PULAPULA's style according to the mood or situation of the day !

We also recommend attaching your HAPPY DOLL to PULAPULA like the image !! 



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