☆Review☆ What is HAPPY DOLL??

 Today's our blog reviews HAPPY DOLL, very popular dress-up plush dolls !

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What is HAPPY DOLL?  (2,700JPY)

・・a plush doll which can be changed clothes


It is in a lovely bag that you cannot see inside☆

There are eight kinds in total ♪


If you open the bag,   ...you can meet one of these adorable quintuplets !!

A/mary (with blonde hair and light blue boots)

 ☆personality : a reliable girl


B/mary (with gray hair and white boots)

☆personality : a calm girl


C/mary (with red hair and orange boots)

☆personality : a little mature girl


D/mary (with brown hair and black boots)

☆personality : a shy and diligent girl


E/mary (with yellow hair and red boots)

☆personality : a simple and innocent girl


Moreover, you might be able to meet one of three secret dolls which are somehow different from the quintuplets if you are lucky...!!

You will not know which one you will meet until you open it.

It is an exciting surprise toy !!


Two staffs of ILEMER actually purchased HAPPY DOLL♡

There are three colors (pink, blue, orange) of the bag !

*There  is no connection with the bag colors and the HAPPY DOLL's kinds.

*The color of the bag will be delivered at random.

 Please note that you cannot choose the color.


When the bag is opened, a doll is in a pink package.

They do not know which one will come out yet !

What is inside?



E/mary and A/mary !! So cute ♡

At first, HAPPY DOLL wears a simple white dress with the logo "ILEMER" on it as the picture.


☆How to enjoy changing clothes☆

First, get Dress-up one piece and Bag for HAPPY DOLL !!

★Dress-up one piece in a red capsule (500JPY)

*Dress-up one piece is currently being delivered in a pink capsule.

★Bag for HAPPY DOLL in a yellow capsule (500JPY)


E/mary and A/mary changed into Dress-up one piece and carry Bag for HAPPY DOLL♡

 You want to collect a lot, don't you ?


☆To enjoy dressing up more☆

Second, get Dress-up hoodies and Surprise sneakers !!

 Dress-up hoodies (1,200JPY)

There are 10 colors in total.

*randomly selected colors of hoodies out of 10 colors will be delivered.


Surprise sneakers (1,000JPY)

There are 10 colors in total.

*randomly selected colors of hoodies out of 10 colors will be delivered.


E/mary and A/mary also put on Dress-up hoodies and Surprise sneakers.


They are so lovely♡

Do not put their shoes on the wrong feet☆



If you think "I want to dress up my HAPPY DOLL more by some accessories!", we recommend Deluxe Dress-up Set☆ (2,700JPY~3,200JPY)


*HAPPY DOLL is not included.


How was our blog "☆Review☆ What is HAPPY DOLL??" ?

We would appreciate it if you could know about HAPPY DOLL more !!

Let's get HAPPY DOLL and enjoy dressing up it by dress-up items♪♪


Have a wonderful day with your HAPPY DOLL♡


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