Welcome to ILEMER Island vol.1


"ILEMER", a dreamy island floating on a beautiful sea

The entire island is shaped like a strawberry, with abundant untouched nature from ancient times.

"Leaf Maria", popular and cute town where islanders coexist in peace.

In addition, the endemic creatures that live only on ILEMER live harmoniously.


ILEMER is full of mysteries and secrets, who haven't been solved yet!

 Furthermore, do aliens-like creatures sometimes come to play――――――? 


《Basic data on ILEMER Island》

★A dreamy island floating on a beautiful sea

★The whole island is strawberry-shaped

★The island exists on Earth, but in another dimension, in a different time and space from the human world

★The island has its own ecosystem, and has always refused to interact

with humans in order to maintain it as this way.

★It consists of an inhabited area, ”Leaf Maria”, and a nature reserve.



〇An inhabited area, "Leaf Maria"


🍄Mushroom House🍄

The house where E/mary lives

The cute cityscape is designated as an important cultural property

on the island

A legend tells that the mushrooms are in fact fairies

who have lived on ILEMER Island for a long time.



Dump, E/mary's dad, created an amusement park for children on the island!

Attractions such as ferris wheels with freely moving gondola lifts,

fish and apples merry-go-rounds,

and UFO catchers are very popular.



Before, it was an old spacecraft which has landed on the island, then has been renovated as a restaurant.

Natalie, which is E/mary's mother, runs the restaurant by herself.

The only one restaurant here on the island, always busy!

The chef's whimsical lunch with plenty

of delicious food from land and sea

and special ingredients are loved by all the islanders,

such as excellent Natalie's pancakes.🥞


〇A nature reserve



⛰Mt. Dione ⛰

The elevation is calculated as 3,776 meters (almost the same as Mt. Fuji)

Easter Festival is hold every year on April 29th,

for ILEMER's anniversary.


The islanders pray for good health over the year

watching the eruption of Mt. Dione.


🌊 Lake Reed🌊


A lake at the foot of Mt. Dione


A popular place for hiking, where rare plants and animals

can be found around the lake.

This lake represents an important link between

the human world and ILEMER Island.

Master Thurman, a sea turtle and the patriarch of the island, lives there. 


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