Welcome to ILEMER Island vol.2

So many mysterious and funny characters living on ILEMER Island♪


~Islanders and creatures on ILEMER Island~


《Data of E/mary》


Personality : adventurous tomboy

Birthday : October 24 (4 years old)

Hobbies : drawing and dressing up

Favorite outfit : dress

Favorite foods : fried chicken, sweet bean paste, rich dashi flavored food

Favorite phrase : "--nanoda," "Oh, year.”


〇 KP  〇

An emperor penguin, E/mary's partner

He is able to fly thanks to the balloon above his head.

There are a lot of secrets about his biology and

no one knows exactly how he came to ILEMER Island.

He likes Japanese pickled radishes and Chinese fried rice.




E/mary’s favorite stuffed animal

He used to be yellow before,

but he turned blue by a shock

his hair was plucked by a mouse

He is a stuffed animal, but sometimes cackles.

E/mary is wearing matching pajamas

when she goes to bed

because she likes him so much.


 〇 Bricky〇 

A slightly mysterious tin doll.

E/mary got it on her fourth birthday.

His bushy eyebrows and asymmetrical eyes are charming.

The lamp on his head sometimes flashes due to malfunctions.


 〇 Dump〇

E/mary's father

 He was born into a historical aristocratic family in France,

but he chose the figure of a whale, not his figure of a man

in order to get a job to carry islanders to the human world

He can become the figure of a man by his will



 〇 Master Thurman 〇

E/mary's godfather

The oldest creature on ILEMER Island

who is already over 100 years old

The ring above his head is an accessory

He has a power to grasp the inner meaning by eyes,

which is called one's mind's eye


 〇 Rublev〇

A dinosaur who investigates the ecosystem of a nature area

Her hobby is contributing some photos of sky, cats, or gelato on SNS


 〇 Eilis 〇

A type of rabbit that looks like a cat



 〇 CrownTulips 〇

 Fantasy flowers are said to bring happiness to whoever sees them

 The flower shaped like a crown is a feature



Quintuplets are E/mary and four her sisters

who appeared by her mysterious power


Her sisters appear only at Easter Day,

and E/mary changes her hair color

from original yellow to a different color

when she uses the mysterious power




Pick up some items painted very unique characters and

the fun days of ILEMER Island!




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