Why do we love neoprene bags at ILEMER ?💦👜

As for PVC, ILEMER chooses quality materials, particularly resistant to weather changes and which remain timeless. This is why most of our bags are designed in neoprene, a material that does not need to prove itself and which has been used for decades.

What is neoprene material exactly?

Neoprene is basically a synthetic rubber, well-known for being wetsuit. It is one of the most widely used materials around, particularly suitable for various products due to its thickened thick fabrics (especially for bags). Finally, the neoprene is very useful: for fabrics from the 1930s, it looks exactly like the 21st century latest handbags. This has entered the fashion industry for a long time and is used mainly from clothing to accessories, so its performances are appreciated and considered as fantastic by many designers.

ILEMER wetsuit tote bag

Advantages of choosing a wetsuit material tote bag

Maybe you are wondering why neoprene is that popular and loved by bag collectors.

This wetsuit material has many benefits, especially for accessories such as tote bags, handbags, or even pouches.

A durable and resistant material providing a good protection

Its strength and longevity are famous because it was created with a tough material able to face any weather conditions: hot, cold, rainy, or snowy.

Thus, it is an excellent investment because it will last you longer and you will not need to regularly buy a new handbag.
Buying an ILEMER tote bag designed in neoprene means choosing the beauty of the design as well as the quality of the material.

LEMER neoprene Tote Bag

Wetsuit, washable and latex-free

Even if you go to the beach, to the swimming pool, or carry out your bag during the rainy season, it will not get damaged: the great feature of neoprene material is its waterproofing, which also makes it perfect for machine washing.
Ideal for covering and protecting your electronic devices, laptop, or smartphone.

And don’t worry: this synthetic material is latex-free! In case if you are allergic, which is very common with latex, there is no risk with neoprene.

ILEMER latex-free totebag

Lightweight and stretchy : perfect for Women

In addition to its toughness, neoprene bags are stretchy enough to put all your daily necessities, you can easily fit your laptop, cosmetic bag or books in it.

And most of it, it is extremely light and very convenient to carry, especially if you commute every day and if you bring all your essentials with you.
This guarantees no pain or discomfort on the neck and shoulders.

ILEMER LUNLUN lightweight stretchy tote bag

Neoprene has a lot of benefits, that is the reason why ILEMER choose it for bags.
Make your choice among our bags selection !

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