【Xmas Limited Edition】 HAPPY DOLL & DELUXE Dress-up Set ♡

Merry Christmas with lots of love from ILEMER!

 Xmas Limited Editions are now started to sale !!


♦Christmas at the ILEMER Island♦


Originally, the ILEMER Island had not had Christmas.

However, it became popular among the islanders who love festivals

because a Christmas party was held by E/mary's parents who moved  to the ILEMER Island.


It is warm on the island throughout the year, but it snows only for 10days from December 24th every year.

The king of the island has decided to snow every Christmas by his mysterious power because Dump told him White Christmas.


On the evening of December 24th, Christmas  Eve,

E/mary had  a mysterious dream. An old man wearing red said to E/mary.


"E/mary with your hair so bright. Won't you guide my sleigh tonight?"


E/mary's hair turned white like snow when she woke up,

and she was so delighted!! 


 【Xmas Limited Edition】 HAPPY DOLL and DELUXE Dress-up Set from ILEMER♡

As it is only available for a limited time and limited numbers, 

Do not miss this opportunity! 



【Xmas Limited Edition】 HAPPY DOLL  ¥3,100JPY

 ☆Click the item's photo to purchase



【Xmas Limited Edition】 DELUXE Dress-up Set / knit beanie ¥4,300JPY

 ★this item includes three pieces

  (a knit beanie, a scarf, and a padded sleeveless coat)

  ☆Click the item's photo to purchase

【Xmas Limited Edition】 DELUXE Dress-up Set / knit dress ¥3,800JPY

   ★this item includes two pieces (a knit dress and a cardigan)

   ☆Click the item's photo to purchase


【Xmas limited Edition】 DELUXE Dress-up Set / girly plaid dress (navy) ¥3,600JPY

    ★this item includes 4 pieces (a beanie, a plaid dress, socks, and shoes)

  ☆Click the item's photo to purchase


Have a special time with 【Xmas Limited Edition】 HAPPY DOLL at Christmas and New Year...♡

 ※depending the regions, it might be difficult to deliver by Christmas.

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