Spending the Day with ILEMER Mother and Daughter Date!

Special girls' day out with Mommy!
I like to dress as the same as my mom for the day ♪

10:00 Piano Lesson

Let’s go to piano class with my favorite HAPPY DOLL.

With LUNLUN, made from soft and durable wetsuit fabric, carry heavy music scores is a breeze!
Personalize your tote bag with charms, keychains and stuffed dolls!

Going to piano class with their favorite HAPPY DOLL. Wearing matching outfits with Mom today!
Going to piano class with their favorite HAPPY DOLL. Practicing the part I learnt last week
LUNLUN Large Totebag
LUNLUN easily fits all the things needed for piano class and its smooth wetsuit material causes less friction against your clothes and body, making it comfortable to carry all day.
Happy Doll Plush
Have fun dressing HAPPY DOLL in various cute outfits and bring her along to keep you company!
12:00 Lunch

Taking a break in a café with your outfit-coordinated HAPPY DOLL♪

Not too big and not too small, the LUNLUN tote bag is the perfect size for carrying every day!

Taking a break in a café Starting to get hungry!Let's have a quick bite.
Kira Kira Mini Totebag
Made from PVC material, this popular mini tote bag fits your wallet, water bottle, phone and makeup pouch! Complete the look with the perfect accessory: HAPPY DOLL ♪
Pikapika Canvas Wallet
Organize your bills, coins and cards easily in this chic pochette sling bag. It also fits a phone so you can shop and move around freely! It's also the perfect size for children ♪
14:00 Playing in the park

Let's play outside on sunny days!

Mom has freely hands with backpack, so she can play with me ♪

Let's play outside on sunny days! Blowing soap bubbles with Mom
Let's play outside on sunny days! Watch your step!
Waterproof Backpack
PONPON backpack is perfect for leisure and outings thanks to its water-resistant vinyl material. The top opens up wide so you can easily organize and find your belongings inside!
Pikapika Canvas Wallet
Accessorize your PIKAPIKA pochette bag with a HAPPY DOLL and brighten up your day out ♪
15:00 Shopping

I can't wait to go shopping with Mom!

I enjoy looking at all the items on display!

I can't wait to go shopping with Mom Mom, can I buy clothes for my doll with my pocket money?
I can't wait to go shopping with Mom Thanks for helping me with the shopping!
Waterproof Tote Bag
Made from sturdy PVC that doesn't lose its shape easily, you can carry the WAKUWAKU tote bag on your shoulder or on your arm comfortably!
Pikapika Canvas Wallet
With its adjustable and removable strap, PIKAPIKA is a versatile companion that you can use as a sling bag or as an organizer!
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