Plush Doll Dress-up Set - Overall

Plush Doll Dress-up Set - Overall

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Happy Doll Deluxe Dress-up Set

Special deluxe dress-up set for Happy Doll, comprising three items: a hair accessory, an outfit, and a pair of glasses 


Simple, casual outfit

The point is a headband.

(Sold out. The next shipment is due to arrive at the end of May.)

The product will be delivered in a special cute package.

*5 items per person maximum can be purchased.


Material: cotton, polyester 


Handling of glasses

Parts of the glasses require assembly with Velcro tape.

*If you attach and detach the glasses too many times, the fabric of the face will be damaged.

*Do not pull the glasses off too forcefully to prevent the Velcro tape from coming off.



*We will ship each order according to the system. This means that you will not be able to ask us to bundle a new order with a previous order or divide the shipment of an order once you have placed the order.

*Returns or exchanges are not possible at the customer’s convenience.

*Be careful to avoid accidental swallowing by children.

*The product does not include the Happy Doll.

*Do not use the product for any purposes other than dressing up the Happy Doll.

*Because the product includes small parts, there is a risk of accidental swallowing.

*Never allow children younger than three years of age to use the product.