Plush Doll Dress-up Set - Leather Jacket

Plush Doll Dress-up Set - Leather Jacket

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Happy Doll Deluxe Dress-up Set 

Special deluxe dress-up set for Happy Doll, comprising three items: a hair accessory, an outfit, and a pair of glasses 


Create a cool, feminine mix style with a pleated skirt.

The product will be delivered in a special cute package.

*5 products per person maximum can be purchased.

 Material: cotton, polyester



Handling of glasses

Parts of the glasses require assembly with Velcro tape.

*If you attach and detach the glasses too many times, the fabric of the face will be damaged.

*Do not pull the glasses off too forcefully to prevent the Velcro tape from coming off.



*If you order the product together with other products, they will be shipped at the same time.

*We will ship each order according to the system. This means that you will not be able to ask us to bundle a new order with a previous order or divide the shipment of an order once you have placed the order.


*Returns or exchanges are not possible at the customer’s convenience.

*Be careful to avoid accidental swallowing by children.

*The product does not include the Happy Doll.

*Do not use the product for any purposes other than dressing up the Happy Doll.

*Because the product includes small parts, there is a risk of accidental swallowing.

*Never allow children younger than three years of age to use the product.


Please note the following:

This product is intended for children six years of age and over. A guardian should supervise children while they play with the product if they are younger than six years of age.

Be careful not to allow color transfer onto other articles, since this may cause discoloration. We take no liability for color transfer.

To avoid accidents, keep the product out of reach of children younger than three years of age after use.

The product may differ slightly from the one in the photo.

For safety, do not use the product if it is damaged.