~☆彡All Kinds of DELUXE Dress-Up Set for HAPPY DOLL☆彡~

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Today, we are introducing all kinds of "DELUXE Dress-up Set for HAPPY DOLL" !

 If you have a HAPPY DOLL, please check this out !

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What is "DELUXE Dress-up Set for HAPPY DOLL" ? (2,700JPY~3,200JPY)

▷A set of dress-up items exclusively for HAPPY DOLL.

▷Complete fashion styling from head to toe with this set !!

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①Overalls 3,100JPY 

Simple and casual outfit.

headband is one of the cute points♡

*The product page is here ≪CLICK



②Riders 2,900JPY

Create a cool, feminine mix style with a pleated skirt.

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 ③Living doll 2,700JPY

E/mary’s favorite living doll pajamas.

The strange blue hat that E/mary always wears,

this is a handmade nightcap made by her mother, Natalie ♪

*The product page is here ≪CLICK



④Duffel 2,900JPY

Combine with a beret for a girly look♡

*The product page is here ≪CLICK



⑤Jumpsuits 3,200JPY

Casual and cool style. 

A white sun visor with the ILEMER logo☆

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⑥Trench coat 2,900JPY

Very sophisticated look.

A blue and white polka dot headband is fashionable ♪

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⑦Lace dress 2,700JPY

Refreshing white dress is so sweet ♡

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Moreover, we also recommend creating your original coordinate by combining dress-up items including DELUXE Dress-up Set for HAPPY DOLL ♪


~HAPPY DOLL Original Coordinate by the ILEMER staff~

Overalls × Duffel (a beret)


Riders × Overalls (a headband)


Living doll × Riders (a beanie)


④ A white dress with the ILEMER logo × Living doll (a night cap)


Let’s combine some dress-up items including DELUXE Dress-up Set for HAPPY DOLL and find your favorite style!!

Thank you for very much for reading♪

 *The product page is here ≪CLICK

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