~Happy Holiday Gifts 2022【BAG Edition】~


Hi, everyone!!

This is the ILEMER STORE.


How was "~Happy Holiday Gifts 2022【HAPPY DOLL Edition】~" last time?

 This time, we will continue to introduce you to the perfect items for holiday gifts.

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Today is the bag edition.

 All items of ILEMER are so cute and playful!!


Let's start with this bag!

LUNLUN (16,000JPY) ▶▶【CLICK】

LUNLUN can't be removed as the ILEMER's bag!!

This is a large-capacity tote bag made of wet suit material that is easy to put on the shoulder♪


There are so many patterns that we cannot narrow it down to one.

Which pattern do you like?


Next is here!

TONTON (18,000JPY) ▶▶【CLICK】

TONTON made of the wet suit material.


TONTON has a slightly cool impression, and an easy-to-use two-way specification.

Enjoy the way you want to hold it according to your mood♪


【Xmas Limited Edition】HAPPY DOLL・IANNE (3,200JPY) ▶▶【CLICK】

【Xmas Limited Edition】DELUXE Dress-up Set / knit beanie×duffel (4,200JPY) ▶▶【CLICK】

Of course, it is cute even with HAPPY DOLL!!


Next, we will introduce you to PULAPULA, a cross-body bag with excellent usablity!


PULAPULA is also made of wet suit material.


PULAPULA allows you to freely change the length of the shoulder strap.


We cannot imagine this much luggage can fit in from this apperance! 


The last item is this one!


It is a mini-sized crossbody bag, PIKAPIKA.

This is made of PVC material.


The interior can be taken out, and you can put small items as a pouch, or cash or cards as a mini wallet!


It is also good to carry it with other bags★


Here are four recommended ILEMER bags for holiday gifts.

How about giving holiday gifts as a reward to your loved ones and yourself for working hard in 2022?


Holiday gifts are available at the ILEMER STORE!

We look forward to your service(^^♪


 *Please note that delivery by the end of the year may be difficult depending on the region.


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